How to Wash a Guinea Pig?

As a proud guinea pig owner, you have to know about how to take care of your beloved pet animal day by day. The guinea pig is a low-maintenance pet animal, pet owner must follow some grooming procedures like taking a bath and trimming its nails on a regular basis. Many brands of shampoos are available on the market for successfully washing the guinea pigs. You can choose and buy the best guinea pig shampoo subsequent to a comprehensive analysis of various things. You can pay attention to the overall quality of this shampoo at first and discuss with experts in this sector. This is because you have to compare and narrow down guinea pig shampoos on the market.

How to wash a guinea pig?

Basic tips to bath guinea pig


Guinea pigs are like cats in terms of keeping themselves clean on a regular basis. They require bathing once a month. Pet owners must wash their guinea pigs when their fur gets heavily soiled and sticky. They can make use of the first-class nature of the guinea shampoo and get the absolute guidance to keep the guinea pig clean and comfortable. Experts in the guinea pig washing techniques these days reveal easy-to-follow suggestions. You have to focus on and follow these suggestions to enhance your approach to bath your pet animal.

Basic tips to bathe guinea pig

Calming your pet before bathing it is very important.  This is because guinea pig become afraid and anxious when you simply place it the water. You have to hold it close to you, stroke its fur in the gentle way, talk to it in the soothing voice for relaxing it at first. This is worthwhile to give cucumber slice or lettuce leaf to distract the guinea pig. Bathe one pet animal at a time so as to focus on washing it completely.  You have to wipe fur of the pet with a damp cloth before giving a full bath. Take a clean cloth and dip it in warm water. You have to wring it out and wipe it over the fur’s soiled patch. No need to wash the pet in water once the fur looks clean.

Well experienced veterinarians these days recommend the best guinea pig shampoo products for those who own the guinea pigs and think about how to bathe such pets. You can lay a small cloth in the bottom of the small container and pour enough warm water to come 2 inches up on all sides to prevent the pet from slipping in the container. Keep in mind that hot water irritates or dries the sensitive skin of the guinea pig and cold water lowers the body temperature of this pet animal.

Choose and use the suitable shampoo

Choose and use the suitable shampoo

It is the time to slowly put the pet into the water and let it to adjust to the temperature and feel the water surrounding it. Develop a positive association with the bath time when your pet feels distressed in water. Scoop warm water and pour it over the pet’s body until the fur it entirely wet. Do not pour water on the ears and face of the pet. You can cup your hand behind the face of the pet and use the damp washcloth to wipe off the dirt in the face of the pet. Now, rub some drops of the first-class shampoo into the fur of the pet animal and gently massage the pet. Remember that this pet has the sensitive skin and you require keeping it calm.

Some beginners to the guinea pig baths these days have an idea to use any human or dog shampoo to wash the fur of the guinea pig. They have to avoid this idea hereafter as such shampoo could irritate the skin of the guinea pig. Once they have properly used the guinea shampoo and given the gentle massage, they have to rinse their pet with warm water. They can pour warm water over the fur to entirely rinse away the shampoo.  They must remove every trace of the shampoo and avoid possibilities of any residue irritating the pet’s skin. The next step is to place the pet on a clean towel and wrap it around. They must dry the guinea pig’s fur and brush such fur when it is long to avoid tangles and matting. Guinea pigs enjoy when pet owners use the soft-bristled brush to comb its fur.